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24 Point Inspection & Tune-Up of your AC Unit

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Air Conditioning Tune-Up Service

Keeping your air conditioner in good working order is a vital aspect of keeping your home comfortable. You and your family depend on your air conditioner, and you need it to keep your home cool during the summer months, but most homeowners don’t have their air conditioners serviced until they have severe issues or have totally broken down. Even minor issues with your air conditioner can easily worsen, so it’s important to get your air conditioner fixed as soon as possible. Any problems with your air conditioner will not only cause it to operate less effectively, but they will also develop into problems that require emergency repairs if left unchecked. Consider investing in a Sacramento air conditioning tune up. When it comes to air conditioning maintenance and electricity expenses, the minimal upfront expense would save you a lot of money.

Our Sacramento air conditioning contractors at Bishop’s HVAC suggest that you have a tune-up done at least once a year, preferably in the early spring, before you begin cooling your home on a regular basis. Our air conditioning maintenance will ensure that your cooling system will keep your home as comfortable as possible while still keeping your cooling costs as low as possible.

As a homeowner, you understand how important it is to not let anything like this pass you by. You are aware that air conditioners are part of your home’s mechanical systems, and allowing them to operate for years or even months without attention would almost certainly result in breakdowns at inconvenient times.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up Special Includes:

  • Cleans components. For example, your condenser coils get a deep clean. This directly increases efficiency and energy costs.
  • Inspection of ductwork to check for potential loss of conditioned air
  • Check blower belt and blower motor performance
  • Tighten and test all electrical switches and controls for safety
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Lubricate moving parts. This eliminates friction which increases energy costs and wear on your AC unit.
  • Test and calibrate your thermostat, if necessary.
  • Change the air filter, if provided.
  • Check electrical wiring for proper ratings, installation and connections.
  • Check lines and fittings for signs of leaks or oil
  • Inspect and test capacitors and many more!

Sacramento Air Conditioning Tune-Up Service

What is an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance is necessary in order to your unit operating at peak efficiency during the hot summer months.

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Air Conditioning Diagnostic

If your AC system isn’t blowing cold, an expert diagnostic of your complete AC system can determine what is causing a malfunction.

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Complete AC System Tune-Up

Our air conditioning system tune-up service will get your AC unit running right again. Why suffer in a hot house when we’re just a call away?

Sacramento AC Tune-Up Service

The Advantages of an Air Conditioner Tune Up

What is the significance of an air conditioner tune up? In order for your air conditioner to perform as well as possible, it needs regular service.

Consider your vehicle. You make it a point to change the oil many times a year. You probably don’t even drive it every day of the year. It takes a lot of effort to keep up with hot Sacramento temperatures, whether you have an air conditioner or a swamp cooler.

Our air conditioning systems work hard to keep the sun at bay and humidity at bay. Every season, you should have your air conditioner serviced. We suggest that furnaces be tuned up in the fall, before the heating season begins.

Your air conditioning system’s energy quality improves with annual maintenance. Even changing your air filter on a regular basis will make your machine work more efficiently. Good airflow is important for your air conditioner or heat pump.

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