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Air conditioning systems offer a broad spectrum of benefits to homeowners. However, their efficiency depends on how you take care of them. Air conditioners need proper maintenance to deliver maximum functionality. It is, therefore, essential to get your air conditioning system checked by a technician from time to time. Air conditioning tune up simply means examining the entire air conditioner to ensure it’s operating at maximum potential. Some of the primary objectives of an air conditioning tune up are to boost the longevity of the system and ensure it works effectively.

What is an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

What is involved in an AC Tune-Up?

There are several procedures usually involved in an air conditioning tune up. Some of them include:

Cleaning the condenser coils:

One of the main procedures conducted by technicians during an air conditioning tune up is cleaning condenser coils. The first thing to do during this process is to switch off the AC and thermostat. Then, examine the condenser coils and clean them using a coil brush. Ensure you get rid of all the dirt present in the condenser coils. Once you straighten the coil fins, use a foaming condenser coil cleaner to clean the coils again. Finally, rinse the condenser coils using a hose and allow them to dry.

Flushing the drain:

Cleaning the drain line of the air conditioning system helps you boost the efficiency of the air conditioner. Also, flushing the drain prevents clogging. Use vinegar to flush the drain line. Vinegar will destroy and prevent the growth of mildew, mold, and algae in the drain line. Keep in mind that bacteria and fungi can build up on the drain line and lead to clogging. Ensure you flush the AC drain at least once every month.

Replacing damaged or faulty electrical parts:

An air conditioning tune up also involves repairs and replacements. Air conditioning systems tend to wear out after years of use. So, keep checking for any cracks or faulty wires. When you notice any problem with the air conditioning system, take action immediately. Employ a technician to help you determine whether the air conditioner needs repair or replacement. At times, it would be best to replace the air conditioner to avoid experiencing problems in the short run. If you live in Sacramento, consider hiring our expert technicians at Bishop’s HVAC. We offer the best air conditioner repairs and replacements.

Adding new Freon:

Whenever you notice that your air conditioner does not offer maximum cooling and your electricity bills are higher, it might be time to add a new Freon. Sometimes, your air conditioner may be low on refrigerant due to leaks. In such a scenario, add Freon refrigerant. Even so, note that you cannot add Freon when the conditioner does not need it. Freon is not like fuel; its level drops only because of leaks. So, before you call a technician to check the air conditioner, check to see whether the air conditioner needs Freon.

Changing and replacing the air filters:

It is essential to replace the air filters every two to three months. Replacing the air filters enables the air conditioning system to deliver excellent performance. When replacing the filters, use the right size and type that complements the air conditioner. Additionally, use the correct procedure to replace the air filters.

From the above paragraphs, it is clear to see that air conditioning tune-ups are essential. They help you evaluate the overall condition of the air conditioner. During this process, you can quickly identify problems and fix them immediately. Nevertheless, it is crucial to hire a reputable HVAC company to conduct an air conditioning tune up. This way, you’ll boost the durability of the air conditioning system.

The importance of getting an air conditioning tune up

Save on repair and replacement costs:

An air conditioning tune-up procedure helps you identify all problems with the air conditioner. This way, you’ll be able to fix them immediately. Consequently, you’ll be able to repair all of the issues with the air conditioner before they escalate.

What is an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

Promote durability of the AC:

Air conditioning tune ups help you extend the lifespan of the AC. Identifying and fixing all your air conditioner problems keeps it in good shape. As a result, you won’t have to replace the air conditioner in the short run. In turn, you’ll end up protecting your investment.

Lower energy bills:

Typically, air conditioning tune ups help you keep the unit in good condition. Conducting this procedure promotes the effectiveness of the air conditioner. As a result, you will experience fewer AC problems that are likely to decrease your electrical bills.


Air conditioners require proper maintenance to perform effectively. So, conduct air conditioning tune ups from time to time. This procedure often involves replacing your air filters, repairing any AC problems, flushing the drain, and cleaning condenser coils. Employ our expert technicians at Bishop’s HVAC to conduct an air conditioning tune up for you.

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