Say goodbye to traditional gas-powered systems and embrace a greener, more efficient solution with our expert gas to electric conversions for heat pumps and HVAC systems. At Bishop’s, we specialize in seamlessly transitioning your existing setup to a state-of-the-art electric system, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Experience the perfect balance of comfort and eco-conscious living. Make the switch to electric with Bishop’s HVAC – where innovation meets reliability for a brighter, cleaner future.

Benefits of Gas to Electric Conversion

Greenhouse Gas Savings:
Replacing natural gas with electricity for cooking, space, and water heating in existing low-rise multifamily properties can cut GHG emissions by 25 to 46%. In new constructions, the reduction may reach an impressive 65%.

Building Costs:
Eliminating the infrastructure for natural gas in new constructions not only reduces initial costs but also eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs associated with natural gas piping.

Safety Measures:
Induction cooktops, emitting zero kitchen pollution, provide a safer alternative compared to natural gas stoves that release harmful pollutants. The sealed surface minimizes risks, as there’s no exposed heating element or open flame. The cooktop remains cool unless cookware is placed on it.

Cost Effectiveness:
Consolidating air conditioning and furnace into a single electric heat pump not only reduces capital costs but also ongoing maintenance expenses for two separate pieces of equipment.


Bishop’s HVAC is proud to partner with SMUD and Tech Clean California to offer rebates to facilitate the transition to electrification. Call for more information!